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Songkran 2010 at La Flora Resort Patong

Posted on 08 June 2010 by admin

La Flora Resort Patong General Manager Sawai Sombat and hotel guests are wished a prosperous Thai New Year during Songkran Festival celebrations held at the resort on 13 April 2010. Photos show the resort?s Director of Sales and Marketing Wisuth Hemmakoth and Chief Engineer Pramual khongruk bathing the Buddha image with holy water and Thai traditional perfume, the management and staffs pouring scented water over Mr. Sombat?s and guest hands as part of the Thai tradition, which was preceded by merit-making ceremonies at the Current of the Sea Restaurant by the main pool.


Joyful Songkran festival

The pleasant Songkran festival comes to alleviate Thailand hot season and April is considered to be the
hottest month.

Not only Thailand held this festival but also Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sibsongpanna State in China and Sri Lanka.

The word ?Songkran? means move or change so this festival is the period that the sun moves close to our earth and all southeastern people regard this time as their new year. Moreover, this period is also the harvest season.

India is the first country holding this festival before the end of the year but there wasn?t water war as today. After this festival spread over the Asia, water started to play the vital role in celebration, being the symbol of richness. In Thailand, it is believed that the festival was first celebrated in the north of Thailand.

There are three days for this festival:

First day is called Songkran day, the last day of the year. People will clean their home to welcome the coming New Year.

Second day is Wan Nao. People will bathe the Buddha image and all children will Rod-nam-dum-hua (pour water on the hands of revered elders and ask for blessing) their parents. Furthermore, they believed that saying the rough word on that day will bring the bad luck.

The last is Payawan Day, the beginning day of New Year. People will make merit for their happiness. In the north of Thailand, they will bring a timber to prop the big tree for their long life. All male and female teenagers will water each other for removing all bad things. This is only one day that they will meet each other, doing activities at the temple together.

Now this belief is still visible only in the up-country because most people put more importance on water war. Cold water and ice replace Num-ob (Thai perfume) an d powder are new Songkran charm. Water war at Khao San Road in Bangkok, Road around Chiangmai moat, Kao Nheaw Road in Khon kaen and pedestrianized Bang La Road in Patong reflex new Thai Songkarn lifestyle.

Change can happen everywhere, it isn?t wrong. It is inevitable. It is the way the world turns. For some it?s good for it?s not. Still this festival remains wonderful roots and charm.

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